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Universal Cinemas, is leading and most premium entertainment company, with presence in the entire value chain Film Production, Distribution and Exhibition. Universal Cinemas is one of the most oldest theatre. India is standing on the threshold of an experience and entertainment economy. It is at the cross roads of an exciting phase that will shape its cultural and social framework forever.

Universal Theatre has been changed along with the decades change. It has the A/C.It is one of the theatre which portrays discipline by arranging persons by seat number. It has the large amount of space for parking. Universal Theatre well suited for the families to watch the movie.

In Early Years

A new era in the world of entertainment in India began on August 3, 1934, with the inauguration of Universal Theatre '70' at Tirupur. Universal Pioneered in bringing international standards in building design, viewer comfort, theatre maintenence and above all - in the art and science of movie presentation. Through this span of over 40 years, Universal has remained at the top and endeavours to continue to do so. Universal is the first theatre in Tirupur. We believe that once you enter Universal, you should forget the stresses and strains of your day-to-day life, and fully enjoy the drama and spectacle on screen. Housed in a large compound, Universal has been planned functionally to provide you maximum comfort.

In Recent Years

You are welcomed into large, spacious, and artistically designed and maintained lobbies. Inside the auditorium, there are luxurious seats, which have been so arranged that one viewer does not obstruct the view of the other. You have neither to look down nor crane your neck up, to watch the giant screen. The screen extends from the floor to the ceiling and there is no "stage" to act as a barrier. The interior decor has been kept simple yet attractive. The off-white-coloured walls are so designed as to eliminate cross-rerflection from the screen. In Universal Cinemas, nothing comes between you and your favourite movie.